updated 17-12-2015

the car has moved. it's now in the new shop where it is going to be finished... (i hope). it's been a while, but finally there seems to be progress again.

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Due to budgetcuts the project is canceled as a project in the shop. its not done, but look how far we've come. with pride look back at the time spent on the project. thanks for the people who helped out, it wouldn't be possible without them.

I had the option of scrapping the car or find someway of storing it. luckily it is safe in storage awaiting the final details (which propably take forever :) ) when I have the means I will.

most likely this site will not be updated anymore.





 a 3 page article in the Alpine revue. very proud!!!




Motip was generous and is going to supply the bondo and the lute to make everything water tight and dint free.


a small project for Esa (european space agency)  explained in the older projects section 



 we've weiged the "car" and came up with an approximate weight... 800Kg thusfar